Poster Presentations

Location: Theater patio, Campus Santo Antônio.

Posters can be placed on Monday, April 8th, from 08:30 to 10:00, and will remain in place through 19:00 on Tuesday, April 9th. Posters will be evaluated between 13:00 and 14:00 on Monday, April 8th. April. During this time, the author responsible for presenting the poster must be present.

Please make sure that your poster is correctly placed (see poster numbers at the poster table).

Only contributions presented by the author to the attendees during this specific time will be included in the Annals of the Symposium.

1The Water Retention Capacity of Litter in Eucalyptus SpeciesWinkler JoséGraduate Program in Geography / UFSJ
2Synthesis, characterization and application of composites
based on carbon xerogels /TiiO2/Fe3O4
Walker Vinícius F. C. BatistaDepartment of Natural Sciences, UFSJ
3Microbiological Quality of the Water from SAC's Urbans of Divinópolis-MGRafael S. da CostaCCO, UFSJ
4Impact of fish farming on dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the Furnas Hydroelectric Power Plant ReservoirRonaldo César ChavesECMVS, UFMG
5Development of Chemically Modified Electrode with Magnetic Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Determination of Estradiol in Water SamplesDaniela N. SilvaDept. of Natural Sciences / UFSJ
6Degradation of paracetamol in aqueous medium by means of photocatalysis using CX / TiO2 carbon xerogel based composites.Raíra CunhaDept. of Natural Sciences / UFSJ
7Adsorption of EDTA in aqueous medium using CX-TiO2Ana Claudia SantosDept. of Natural Sciences / UFSJ
8Adsorption of paracetamol from water using tannin of guava leaves (Psidium guajava) as a precursor of nanostructured carbonsIara A. CarvalhoDepartment of Natural Sciences, UFSJ
9Viability evaluation of a rainwater harvesting systemJandira C.B. MenezesGraduate Program in Technologies for Sustainable Development / UFSJ
10Water loss management through smart water systemsL. M. L. HerculanoPROAMB / UFOP
11Determination of 2,4-dichlorophenol in environmental waters using magnetic activated carbon in sample preparationSamantha C.RodriguesUFLA
12Development of electrochemical sensor based on carbonaceous materials and magnetic nanoparticles for the determination of the Tetracycline in real samplesEdna F. AmaralDepartment of Natural Sciences, UFSJ
13Dispersive magnetic solid phase extraction (d-MSPE) with activated carbon/Fe3O4 nanocomposite for the determination of Bisphenol A and ethinylestradiol by HPLC.Karla L. LopesDepartment of Natural Sciences, UFSJ
14Industrial reuse water generation by reverse osmosisAna Flávia S. FoureauxDepartment of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering / UFMG
15Removal of black eriochrome textile dye from aqueous solution by combined electrocoagulation-electroflotation methodologyDane T. CestarolliDepartment of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering / UFSJ
16Recovery of wastewater in industrial sludge using drainage bedR. G. C. SantosChemical Engineering Department / UFSJ
17Industrial Water Clarification Using Tannin-Based CoagulantJ. A. P. PoncianoChemical Engineering Department / UFSJ
18Use of ozone for contaminated waters treatment with dyesR. K. G. D. DuarteChemical Engineering Department / UFSJ
19Pharmaceutical compound removal from surface water by reverse osmosisVictor Rezende MoreiraDepartment of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering / UFMG
20Removal of fluoride from industrial wastewater through adsorption onto bovine bone charJ.C.V. AzevedoCAP / UFSJ
21Isolation of phenol-degrading microorganisms from the activated sludge of a steel industry and phenol degradation in a synthetic mediumPaulo Ricardo P. DiasDepartment of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering / UFSJ
22Synthesis and application of material based on polyaniline, cigarette filters and carbon nanotubes in studies of adsorption of anti-inflammatory drug as aqueous contaminantFlávia V. A. DutraDepartment of Natural Sciences, UFSJ
23Dual chamber microbial fuel cell in the treatment of industrial wastewater - evaluation of the use of agar plates as a separatorIsabel C. B. RodriguesGraduate Program in Environmental Engineering / UFOP
24Tubular LED photobiorreactor for nitrogen removal in wastewaterLudymyla Marcelle Lima Silva (por Fábio Vassoler)Graduate Program in Environmental Engineering / UFOP
25Seasonal variation of the removal efficiency of pharmaceuticals in conventional Drinking Water Treatment PlantsYuri LebronDepartment of Chemical Engineering / PUC Minas
26Copper adsorption by the aquatic macrophyte Eichhornia crassipesLorayne T. D. FelixDept. of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering / UFSJ
27Turbidity reduction of raw waters from the water treatment
plant of São Brás do Suaçuí, MG, using different coagulants in bench scale.
Gabrielle AyupeDept. of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering / UFSJ