International Symposium “Water Crisis: Challenges and Solutions”

International Symposium

“Water Crisis: Challenges and Solutions”

Federal University of São João del-Rei (UFSJ)

April 7-10, 2019

The goal of the event is not only to give attendees an opportunity to hear from others who are engaged in the water resource management environment, but also to serve as a networking tool, opening a space for discussion and collaboration.

Furthermore, the symposium aims to enhance the internationalization of the institution’s research, thereby contributing to the growth of scientific output, from both professors and students alike, while also stimulating the creation and supply of water resource-related goods and services for our society.

The event’s proposal was a result of the recently created NACQUA – Center for Advanced and Interdisciplinary Studies in Water Resources, at the Federal University of São João del Rei (UFSJ). NACQUA is a research network that brings together a group of UFSJ researchers who, despite belonging to different fields of expertise, come together because of their work surrounding water resources.

The event will feature presentations from both national and international key speakers and round-table discussions, along with interactive workshops where participants can both learn and share their experiences.

Finally, the symposium counts with the support of the University’s Advisory for International Affairs (ASSIN) and UFSJ’S Post-graduates Dean’s Office of Research (PROPE).

A Word from the Event’s Coordinator: